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Physical Therapy

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a treatment which uses movement to enhance mobility and function. Ashley Whitson is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who will evaluate and treat movement impairments. She designs specific and individualized treatment plans for patients to manage or reduce pain, improve ability to move, increase range of motion, and improve quality of life.

How Can Physical Therapy Help Me?

The goal of physical therapy is to reactivate dormant muscles and correct the base causes of faulty biomechanical firing patterns. Through movement, stretching, and manipulation, physical therapy seeks to restore flexibility and mobility in areas of the body with pain, discomfort, or stiffness.

The role of the physical therapist is to guide you during your appointment, introduce specific exercises, stretches, and techniques that are targeted and focused on your individual history and concerns, and get you back to moving and functioning correctly.

How is Physical Therapy at Network Spine Different?

Here at Network Spine physical therapy is a one-on-one experience integrated with osteopathic care from Dr. Magyar. We believe the best patient outcomes are achieved via collaborative care and communication between physical therapist and osteopath. The strength of each is combined versus separated in order to optimize interventional strategies. Visits with Dr. Magyar are frequently scheduled back-to-back with physical therapy for your convenience.

What Should I Expect from Physical Therapy?

At Network Spine we provide unique, high-quality, one-on-one care from physical therapy for the full duration of your appointment.

Your first visit will include a comprehensive evaluation of strength, range of motion, flexibility, balance, joint mobility, neurological function, pain, and limitations in everyday life activities.

Treatment will include a variety of techniques specific to your case. These may include, but are not limited to, “hands-on” soft tissue and manual therapy, restoration of postural imbalances, movement re-education, stretching & strengthening, safe exercise planning and skills training. Additional modalities may include mechanical traction via our ananamotor, trans-cutaneous electrical neuromuscular stimulation ( TENS ), kinesio-taping, blood flow restriction therapy ( BFR ), guasha, cupping, spray and stretch cold therapy. In addition we offer The Schroth Method © for scoliosis, Pilates, Athletic & Sports Training and Dance specific rehabilitation.

What Does Physical Therapy Cost?

Most insurances will cover the cost, or a portion, of your appointment. Learn more about our insurance participation and contact your provider to learn more about your level of coverage.

How Can I Prepare For Physical Therapy?

When you come in for your appointment, please wear or bring comfortable or loose clothing. Your physical therapist may also ask you to do specific pre-appointment stretches at home in order to optimize your response to therapy. Depending on the severity of your condition, you may be asked to go to physical therapy up to three times per week for several months. It is important to designate the time in and out of the appointments required to put you on a path for the best possible recovery.

How Will Regular Physical Therapy Affect My Condition?

Pain and injury can be complex. While physical therapy may improve your symptoms, it will not always eliminate your chronic pain altogether. Physical therapy should be used in combination with a healthy lifestyle, including light to moderate exercise and healthy eating, to obtain your best health. Physical therapy does not address every factor that contributes to pain, but at Network Spine we do have onsite medical doctors that can address areas that physical therapy cannot.

Patient Photos & Videos

Return to sport post hip and lower back pain
Patient is doing a single leg glute bridge

Return to sport post hip and lower back pain
Patient is performing running specific triple extension

Return to sport post hip and lower back pain
Patient is performing deceleration drills

Patient post surgery doing targeted
reach boxing in Physical Therapy

Anti rotation treating L4
L5 disc herniation

Anti rotation treating L4
L5 disc herniation

Anti rotation treating L4
L5 disc herniation

Anti rotation treating L4
L5 disc herniation

Anti rotation treating L4
L5 disc herniation

Right Image Patient post surgery doing
targeted reach boxing in Physical Therapy
Left Image X-ray of Cervical Spine-anterior
and posterior fusion

Patient post treatment for left S1 motor deficit. He was super excited to be doing Get-ups once precautions were lifted from L5/ S1 microdiscectomy surgery.

Treating L4, L5 disc herniation.

Treating L4, L5 disc herniation.

Meet Dr. Ashley Whitson

Dr. Ashley Whitson, our physical therapist at Network Spine works closely with Dr. Yasha Magyar to create customized treatment plans for patients with various musculoskeletal conditions including but not limited to spinal disorders and chronic pain. She holds a specialty certification in the treatment of patients with scoliosis from The Schroth-Barcelona Institute and was the first practitioner to be certified when still a doctoral student. In addition, she holds multiple movement certifications including Pilates & Core anatomy which inform her practice. Learn More »

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