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What Does PRP Stand for?

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. Platelet rich plasma injections have proven to be extremely effective when it comes to relieving pain and helping to heal certain types of injuries. A person’s own blood is used to create the plasma that is used in the injections. The platelets are filtered out and then added back into the plasma at levels that are approximately three times higher than before. Growth factors that were taken from the blood are also included in the mixture. The matrix is then formulated into an injection. Once the matrix is ready, it is injected into the joint or injured area where the platelets begin to help strengthen the injured tissues.

How do PRP Injections Work?

PRP injections work by placing additional platelets and growth factors into injured areas of the body. The growth factors and platelets work to strengthen the tissues and encourage cell reproduction. The newly reproduced cells begin to take the place of the damaged cells that no longer function as they should. As this process continues, the new cells begin to allow the area to become stronger and more stable. The benefits of the growth factors that are included in the mixture include strengthening the cells as they reproduce and encouraging new fibers to be created that support and enhance the healing process.

Can PRP Injections be Used With Different Treatment Options?

PRP injections are used to help the body reproduce new cells that take the place of the cells and tissues that were damaged by the injury or chronic illness. PRP injections can be effectively used with other treatment options because they have relatively few side effects and support the tissues that are being healed. The more support the tissues have, the easier it is for them to regain their strength and begin to function correctly. With each treatment, the additional platelets and growth factors continue to support the healing process further enhancing what the other treatments have to offer.

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